Happy Record Store Day!

This year's Record Store Day Haul

My Record Store Day Haul - The 2011 Edition

And here we have my spoils of war from this year’s Record Store Day. Shake It! Records had a line wrapped around the block at 9 a.m. this dreary morning, a strong testament to how far this event has come in three short years. I can remember showing up after lunch for the inaugural Record Store Day and still managing to pick up nearly everything on my wish list. The pickings were already slim by the time I got into Shake It! early this morning, but I still managed to pick up some fantastic music. What did you pick up… or miss out on? Continue reading

Record Store Day Returns!

My favorite rite of Spring? Record Store Day Returns!

My favorite rite of Spring? Record Store Day Returns!

This week marks the dynamic return of my favorite unofficial holiday, Record Store Day! Independent record shops around the country (and, in fact, around the world) will be joining in this celebration of physical formats, brick and mortar retail outlets, and that honest-to-goodness sense of community that only arises when businesses actually a.) give a crap about the goods they are selling and b.) give a crap about the people they are selling these goods to.

So, there’s plenty of great music set for release this Saturday, but here’s what will get me out of bed and down to Shake It! Records at the break of dawn: Continue reading